Health and Safety Support Contracts

Our consultants can be your partners and support you with your health and safety needs on one project, your workshop or we can provide comprehensive annual services and look after all your sites. We have range of services suitable for every company.

You choose the service that is right for you and we tailor it to your company needs, adapting each solution to satisfy your Health and Safety requirements and budget. Every company is different and has it’s own unique health and safety requirements and concerns. That’s why, unlike our competitors, we don’t offer a standardised solution. Our advisors will work with your business to understand exactly what you require, where you’re currently at and where you need to get to. But we won’t just tell you what you need to do. Our team will work with you to put everything in place and ensure that the policies and procedures that you need are implemented correctly into your company and that your staff understand them. Whether you run a small business such as workshop, a large construction company with multiple sites across London, we will provide you with the exact level of health and safety support you need and will help you apply sensible risk management.

Putting into practice robust safety policies and procedures is vital for every organisation. Health and Safety at the correct level shows that you are organised, care for the safety, morale and trust of your workforce and your customers. And, of course, robust Health and Safety practice protects your organisation from the costs of lost time, payment of unnecessary fines, litigation and possible damage to reputation.

So, whatever your Health and Safety needs let us be your partner.

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